In a new how-to-guide for business leaders, Scott Harris uncovers what it takes for any business to build an exceptional and enduring customer experience.  Harris devotes a chapter each to nine simple rules that businesses can follow to design their own winning CX strategy. Each chapter concludes with a recap, along with advice and practical exercises to help you build your strategy.
In “CX 2.0 - Create WOW Customer Experiences”, readers will learn why businesses today need to shift from a traditional, passive “data-at-rest” approach to be more proactive and leverage “data-in-motion” in real-time.  Highlighting customer experience leaders like Airbnb, Uber and Zappos, Harris makes the case for automation and how it plays an essential role in powering great customer experiences.
From achieving consistent 5-star reviews to building a winning customer experience (CX) strategy, this thought-provoking book shows you how to drive great business outcomes by turning customers into fanatics and employees into advocates.

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